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Vinyl Fair at Māoriland

Vinyl Fair
Māoriland Hub

A bunch of record lovers, buying ,selling, trading the music that inspires them. A common bond of music, format, history and archiving creates an entertaining few hours of record love. Vendors from Wellington in the south to Auckland in the north will be in attendance with all sorts of discussion happening on the wide variety of music out there in this most magnificent of formats. Old, New, Loved, Pre-Loved and Unloved records of all sizes, styles and sounds will be available for rehoming.

Anyone wishing to join the fair can contact Brian Wafer: ( ph 022 633 0405

This event is part of Matariki Lighting The Beacons Festival – a month-long arts festival stretching right across Kāpiti during the month of July 2021 to celebrate Matariki.