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Jane Hakaraia

Jane Hakaraia is a freelance theatre and TV designer. Theatre companies she works with regularly include Auckland Theatre Company, Bullet Heart Club, Silo Theatre and Massive Company. In theatre, she is known primarily for lighting design but, in the last few years, has expanded into set design, which she has been enjoying immensely. She also works with Blue Bach Productions as Art Director on their TV offerings and is currently working with Māoriland Film Festival in the design of their outdoor spaces at the Māoriland Hub in Ōtaki.

This year, Jane will be working with all her favourite theatre companies, including Te Rēhia and Auckland Theatre Companies on Astroman and Silo Theatre on Wild Dogs Under My Skirt, both for Auckland Arts Festival. She will also work on Half the Sky and Like a River, I Disagree with Massive, and Owls Do Cry with Red Leap Theatre. Jane has a degree in design from Unitec and undertook an honours degree in design at AUT.