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Pip Devonshire

Poi atu ki a koe e kui, poi mai ki aku mokopuna

Ko Ngāti Raukawa te iwi. Ko Ngāti Manomano, ko Ngāti Te Au ngā hapū. Fulltime weaver currently working with/in pastels, builders paper, acrylic paint, hessian, harakeke, redundant film strips, fishing nylon, fadge needles, wire, bubble wrap and neon flex.

Artwork description: (Commissioned by Māoriland Film Hub, 2022 for Matariki Ramaroa). A pair of poi, one round poi, one elongated like a poi raupō, different to poipoi, poi awe, poi tāniko, or poi piu. A gentle twirled wind might move this huge poi pair with a grace similar to those who’ve had poi in their lullabys; poi in their hands from birth. Stormy erratic wind gusts will make them look like I’m doing the poi. Title: Poi atu ki a koe e kui, poi mai ki aku mokopuna. Materials: harakeke, kiekie, balls, bubble wrap, masking tape, wire, fishing nylon, neon flex, hessian, film strips.